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Fees Module (FER) [VER13/02-17]

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The definitive version of DFSA handbook text is the PDF version as that is the text of the instrument as made and published by the DFSA.

Past version: effective from Feb 1 2017 - Jul 31 2017.
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FER 1 Introduction
FER 1.1 Application
FER 1.2 General provisions
FER 2 Application Fees
FER 2.1 Application for a Licence
FER 2.2 Application to carry on additional Financial Services
FER 2.3 Application to register as a Registered Auditor
FER 2.4 Application to register a Public Fund
FER 2.5 [deleted]
FER 2.6 Application for Recognition
FER 2.7 Applications relating to Authorised Individuals
FER 2.8 Application to add a new cell to an existing PCC
FER 2.9 Application for admittance of Securities to the Official List
FER 2.10 Application Relating to a Business Transfer Scheme
FER 3 Periodic and other Fees
FER 3.1 Authorised Firms (initial period)
FER 3.2 Authorised Firms (subsequent periods)
FER 3.3 Authorised Market Institutions (initial period)
FER 3.4 Authorised Market Institutions (subsequent periods)
FER 3.5 Registered Auditors (initial period)
FER 3.6 Registered Auditors (subsequent periods)
FER 3.7 Designated Non-Financial Businesses and Professions (initial period)
FER 3.8 Designated Non-Financial Businesses and Professions (subsequent periods)
FER 3.9 Domestic Funds (initial period)
FER 3.10 Domestic Funds (subsequent periods)
FER 3.11 Listed Entities and Recognised Persons
FER 3.12 Transitional
FER 4 Filing Fees
FER 4.1 Filing a Prospectus, Issue Note or other document for approval
FER 4.2 Filing a reference with the FMT
FER 4.3 Seeking consent to commence a regulatory proceeding before the FMT
FER 5 Takeover Fees
FER 5.1 Bid Documents