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Aug 1 2006 - Jul 10 2010Jul 11 2010 onwards

25. Trustee's obligation to maintain the Unitholder register

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(1) The Trustee shall ensure that a register of Unitholders of the Investment Trust is maintained in the DIFC containing the information set out in this Article and it is kept up to date and complete.
(2) The register must contain:
(a) the name and address of each Unitholder, and if there are different classes of units, the class of the Unit;
(b) the number of Units including fractions of a Unit held by each Unitholder; and
(c) the date on which the Unitholder was registered in the register for Units standing in his name.
(3) The Trustee shall ensure that the register is available for inspection by Unitholders during normal business hours.
(4) The Trustee shall make the register available to the Fund Manager during office hours and allow the Fund Manager to make copies of the register for its purposes.