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Apr 18 2006 - Jul 11 2010

67. Reinstatement of a Domestic Fund

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Past version: effective from Apr 18 2006 - Jul 11 2010.
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(1) Where a Domestic Fund has been wound up in accordance with or in purported accordance with this Law, the Rules or its Constitution, the Court may make any order for reinstatement of the Fund or discontinuance of the winding up proceedings if:
(a) an application for reinstatement is made to the Court by:
(i) a person aggrieved by the winding up; or
(ii) a person who was winding up the Fund; and
(b) the Court is satisfied that it is just and equitable that the Fund be reinstated.
(2) The Court may give any directions it thinks just for putting the Fund and other persons in the same position, as far as possible, as if the Fund had not been wound up.