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Up to Mar 22 2006

PFN AMI 3 Applications and Notifications Concerning a Change in Control

Past version: effective up to Mar 22 2006.
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Purpose of this form

This form must be submitted by an Authorised Market InstitutionG applying for approval from or notifying the DFSAG concerning a change in control of the Authorised Market InstitutionG . This form may also be used by a ControllerG .

Authorised Market Institutions are required to complete a form for each application or notification.

An Authorised Market InstitutionG or ControllerG must submit an application or notification, as applicable, concerning a change in control, at least 28 days in advance of the proposed change, or immediately upon becoming aware of a proposed or actual change in control.


This form consists of six sections:

1. ControllersG – individuals
2. ControllersG – undertakings
3. Details of new control or change in level of control
4. Additional information
5. Declaration
6. Attachments

Notes for completing this form

•  Defined terms are identified throughout this form by the capitalisation of the initial letter of a word or phrase and are defined in the Glossary module (GLO) of the DFSA’s RulebookG .
•  Section 1 must be completed if the application/notification of a change in control relates to an individual.
•  Section 2 must be completed if the application/notification of a change in control relates to an undertaking.
•  Section 3 and 5 must be completed in respect of all applications/notifications.
•  Please use section 4 if you wish to provide additional information that may clarify or support your answers in sections 1-3.
•  Questions must be fully answered and the use of abbreviations should be avoided.
•  Answers must be typed and the form must be signed by the Authorised Market Institution’s relevant Key IndividualG , DirectorG or the relevant ControllerG .