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Part 4: General Regulation and Anti-Money Laundering Provisions

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Chapter 1 — General Provisions
64. Provisions Governing Controllers
65. Unenforceable Agreements — Breach by Party to the Agreement
66. False or Misleading Information
67. Obligations of Disclosure to the DFSA
68. Disclosures to the DFSA
69. Compliance with an order or requirement of the DFSA
Chapter 2 — Anti-Money Laundering Compliance
70. Jurisdiction
71. Obligations
71A DNFBP Prohibition
71B. Criteria for Registration of a DNFBP
71C. Application for Registration
71D. Grant of an Application
71E. Refusal of an Application
71F. Suspension and withdrawal of DNFBP Registration
71G. Co-ordination between DFSA and Registrar of Companies
72. Rules