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Part 2: The DFSA

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Chapter 1 — The Structure of the DFSA
7. The DFSA
8. The Powers, Functions and Objectives of the DFSA
9. Structure of the DFSA
10. Independent Review of the DFSA
11. Reporting by the DFSA to the President
12. Liability
13. Financial Year
14. Taxation
15. Record Keeping
16. Funding and Fees
17. The Annual Budget of the DFSA
18. Accounts
19. Audit
Chapter 2 — The DFSA Board of Directors
20. The Powers and Functions of the DFSA Board of Directors
21. Chairman of the DFSA and Membership of the DFSA Board of Directors
22. The Chief Executive
Chapter 3 — Rules
23. Power to Make Rules
24. Publication of Draft Rules
25. Waivers and Modification of Rules
Chapter 4 — The Financial Markets Tribunal
26. Constitution of the Financial Markets Tribunal
27. Powers and Functions of the FMT
Chapter 5 — Proceedings in the Financial Markets Tribunal
28. Definitions
29. References
30. Regulatory proceedings
31. Conduct of proceedings
32. Enforcement
33. Appeal from a decision of the FMT
34. Savings and Transitional
35. not in use
Chapter 6 — The Chief Executive of the DFSA
36. The Powers and Functions of the Chief Executive
Chapter 7 — Conflicts of Interest and Use of Information
37. Conflicts of Interest
38. Confidential Information
Chapter 8 — Other Regulators
39. Exercise of Powers on Behalf of Other Regulators
40. Delegation of Functions and Powers to Other Regulators