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Aug 21 2014 onwards

3. Decisions to which procedures do not apply

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(1) The procedures in this Schedule (other than sub-paragraph (2) of this paragraph) do not apply to a decision by the DFSA:
(a) to withdraw a direction, requirement, restriction or prohibition;
(b) to withdraw a condition or restriction imposed in relation to a Licence, Licence Endorsement, registration, authorisation or approval; or
(c) in relation to a person, if the person has requested, or consented in writing to, the making of the decision.
(2) In the cases referred to in sub-paragraph (1), the DFSA must notify the person in writing of the decision and the date on which it is to take effect.
(3) If the DFSA makes a decision in relation to a person after a determination of the FMT or a decision of the Court relating to the conduct of the person, the requirement to give the person an opportunity to make representations under paragraph 4 or 6 (as applicable) does not apply in relation to findings of fact of the FMT or the Court.