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AML 7.3.8 Guidance on CDD

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1. Items (a) to (c) in AML Rule 7.3.2(2) should be obtained from a current valid passport or, where a customer does not possess a passport, an official identification document which includes a photograph. The concept of domicile generally refers to the place which a person regards as his permanent home and with which he has the closest ties or which is his place of origin.
2. Under AML Rule 7.3.1(3), a Relevant PersonG is required to verify the identity of a person based on reliable and independent source documents, data or information. A Relevant PersonG should generally have sight of original identification documents and retain a copy of the identification document. However in complying with AML Rule 7.3.1, it may not always be possible to obtain original documents. Where identification documents cannot be obtained in original form, for example, because a Relevant PersonG has no physical contact with the customer, the Relevant PersonG should obtain a copy certified as a true copy by a person of good standing such as a registered lawyer or notary, a chartered accountant, a bank manager, a police officer, an EmployeeG of the person's embassy or consulate, or other similar person. The DFSAG considers that downloading publicly-available information from an official source (such as a regulator's or other official government website) is sufficient to satisfy the requirements of AML Rule 7.3.1. The DFSAG also considers that CDDG information and research obtained from a reputable company or information-reporting agency may also be acceptable as a reliable and independent source as would banking references and, on a risk-sensitive basis, information obtained from researching reliable and independent public information found on the internet or on commercial databases.
3. For higher risk situations the DFSAG would expect identification information to be independently verified, using both public and non-public sources.
Derived from RM117/2013 [VER9/07-13]
[Amended] DFSA RM196/2016 (Made 7th December 2016). [VER13/02-17]
[Amended] DFSA RM231/2018 (Made 6th June 2018) [VER15/07-18]