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Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA): Contents

Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA)
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Prudential — Investment, Insurance Intermediation and Banking Module (PIB) [VER33/02-19]
PIB 4 Credit Risk
PIB 4 Part 3 — CRDOM
PIB 4.14 Securitisation
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DFSA Codes of Practice
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Dec 9 2012 onwards

PIB 4.14 Securitisation

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PIB 4.14.1
PIB 4.14.2
Systems and Controls for the Use of Securitisations
PIB 4.14.3
PIB 4.14.4
PIB 4.14.5
PIB 4.14.6
PIB 4.14.7
Calculation of Credit RWA Arising from Securitisations
PIB 4.14.8
PIB 4.14.9
PIB 4.14.10
PIB 4.14.11
PIB 4.14.12
PIB 4.14.13
PIB 4.14.14
Implicit Support
PIB 4.14.15
PIB 4.14.16
Requirements in Order for a Traditional Securitisation to be Excluded from the Calculation of RWA
PIB 4.14.17
Requirements in Order for a Synthetic Securitisation to be Excluded from the Calculation of RWA
PIB 4.14.18
PIB 4.14.19
Operational Requirements for Use of External Credit Assessments
PIB 4.14.20
PIB 4.14.21
PIB 4.14.22
PIB 4.14.23
PIB 4.14.24
PIB 4.14.25
PIB 4.14.26
Calculation of RWA Amounts for Securitisation Exposures
PIB 4.14.27
PIB 4.14.28
PIB 4.14.29
PIB 4.14.30
Assigning Risk Weights
PIB 4.14.31
PIB 4.14.32
PIB 4.14.33
PIB 4.14.34
PIB 4.14.35
Exceptions to Deduction of Unrated Securitisation Exposures
PIB 4.14.36
Most Senior Exposure in a Securitisation
PIB 4.14.37
PIB 4.14.38
PIB 4.14.39
PIB 4.14.40
Exposures that are in a Second Loss Position or Better of an ABCP
PIB 4.14.41
Eligible Liquidity Positions
PIB 4.14.42
PIB 4.14.43
PIB 4.14.44
PIB 4.14.45
Overlapping Exposures
PIB 4.14.46
Credit Risk Mitigation
PIB 4.14.47
PIB 4.14.48
PIB 4.14.49
PIB 4.14.50
Capital Requirements for Securitisations with Early Amortisation Provisions
PIB 4.14.51
PIB 4.14.52
PIB 4.14.53
PIB 4.14.54
PIB 4.14.55
PIB 4.14.56
Calculation of Credit RWA Amounts for Securitisation Positions Subject to Early Amortisation Clause
PIB 4.14.57
PIB 4.14.58
PIB 4.14.59
PIB 4.14.60
PIB 4.14.61
Non-Controlled Early Amortisation
PIB 4.14.62
Transfers to Special Purpose Entities (SPEs)
PIB 4.14.63
PIB 4.14.64
PIB 4.14.65
PIB 4.14.66
PIB 4.14.67
PIB 4.14.68
PIB 4.14.69
Recognition of Eligible Financial Collateral under FCSA Approach
PIB 4.14.70