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Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA): Contents

Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA)
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Prudential — Investment, Insurance Intermediation and Banking Module (PIB) [VER33/02-19]
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Dec 9 2012 onwards

PIB 4.13.18

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(1) Assets (loans) and liabilities (deposits) subject to recognised on-balance sheet NettingG are to be treated as cash CollateralG using the formula in PIB A4.3.6, under which an Authorised FirmG may use zero haircuts for ExposureG and CollateralG .
(2) When a currency mismatch exists, an Authorised FirmG must apply the standard supervisory haircut of 8% for currency mismatch.
(3) When a maturity mismatch exists between the off-setting items, an Authorised FirmG must apply the Rules PIB 4.13.14 to PIB 4.13.16 to address the maturity mismatch.
(4) NetG credit ExposureG , after taking into account recognised NettingG , will be subject to the applicable CRW for the CounterpartyG .
Derived from RM111/2012 (Made 15th October 2012). [VER20/12-12]