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Aug 16 2012 onwards

COB 8.1.1 Guidance

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1. The Financial ServiceG of Operating a Credit Rating AgencyG is defined in GEN Rule 2.27.1. This chapter contains the specific conduct requirements that apply to PersonsG carrying on the Financial ServiceG of Operating a Credit Rating AgencyG .

Code of conduct/ethics

2. The outcome intended by some of the specific conduct requirements in this chapter can be achieved by adopting a code of conduct/ethics. Whilst not proposing to prescribe that a Credit Rating AgencyG must have a code of conduct/ethics, a Credit Rating AgencyG should consider, particularly where noted in relation to specific Rules, adopting such a code as a means of achieving the outcome intended by the relevant requirements. However, where a Credit Rating AgencyG does not adopt such a code, the onus is on the Credit Rating AgencyG to demonstrate how it achieves compliance with the relevant requirements through other means.

Persons responsible for obtaining a Credit Rating

3. Not all Rating SubjectsG are bodies corporate. For example, Credit RatingsG can be provided in respect of a credit commitment given by a PersonG , or a debt or debt-like Investment. In such instances, where a Rule in this chapter requires the Rating SubjectG to carry out some activity, such a reference is to be read, pursuant to COB Rule 8.1.1(2), as a reference to the PersonG who is responsible for obtaining the Credit RatingG . Such a PersonG would generally be the originator, arranger or sponsor of the relevant financial product which is being rated. The Credit Rating AgencyG should clearly identify the PersonG responsible for a Rating SubjectG before proceeding with its Credit Rating ActivitiesG relating to that Rating SubjectG .
4. However, there is no restriction against more than one PersonG being identified as PersonsG responsible for obtaining a Credit RatingG relating to a Rating SubjectG . In such cases, a Credit Rating AgencyG should clearly identify those PersonsG as responsible PersonsG relating to the relevant Rating SubjectG .
[Added] DFSA RM97/2012 (Made 24th July 2012) [VER20/07-12]