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Jul 5 2012 - Aug 20 2014Aug 21 2014 onwards

2. Legislation in the DIFC

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References to legislation and GuidanceG in this Law shall be construed in accordance with the following provisions:

(a) Federal Law is law made by the federal government of the StateG ;
(b) Dubai LawG is law made by the Ruler, as applicable in the Emirate of Dubai;
(c) DIFCG Law is law made by the Ruler (including, by way of example, this Law), as applicable in the DIFCG ;
(d) this Law is The Markets Law 2012 made by the Ruler;
(e) the Rules are legislation made by the DFSAG for the purpose of this Law and are binding in nature;
(f) GuidanceG is indicative and non-binding and may comprise (i) guidance made and issued by the Chief ExecutiveG as notations to the Rules; and (ii) any standard or code of practice issued by the DFSAG which has not been incorporated into the Rules; and
(g) references to "legislation administered by the DFSAG " are references to DIFCG Law and Rules conferring functions and powers on the DFSAG .