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Apr 28 2011 onwards

RPP 3 Supervision — Being Regulated

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The definitive version of DFSA handbook text is the PDF version as that is the text of the instrument as made and published by the DFSA.

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RPP 3-1 DFSA's Approach to Supervision
Supervision Philosophy
DFSA's Relationship with Firms
Co-Operation with Other Regulators
Risk Management Cycle
Impact and Probability
Risk Prioritisation and Mitigation
Supervisory Tools
Notifications to the DFSA
RPP 3-2 Supervision of Authorised Firms
Group Supervision
Domestic Firm's Group With DIFC Head Office
Subsidiary of a Non-DIFC Firm
Branch of a Non-DIFC Firm
Prudential Returns for Authorised Firms
Ongoing Risk Analysis
Review of Risk Management Systems
Desk Based Reviews
On-Site Visits
Periodic Communications
External Auditor Reports, Statements and Tripartite Meetings
Requiring Information and Documents
Requirements relating to a Change in Control
DFSA approval
Application for a Change of Scope of Licence
Application for a Withdrawal of Licence
Notification to the DFSA Relating to a Major Acquisition
RPP 3-3 Supervision of Representative Offices
RPP 3-3-1
RPP 3-3-2
RPP 3-3-3
RPP 3-4 Supervision of Ancillary Service Providers
RPP 3-4-1
RPP 3-4-2
RPP 3-4-3
RPP 3-4-4
RPP 3-5 Supervision of Auditors
RPP 3-5-1
RPP 3-5-2
RPP 3-5-3
RPP 3-5-4
RPP 3-6 Supervision of Authorised Market Institutions
Official List of Securities
Group Supervision
Application for a Change in Control
Directions Power