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Jul 11 2010 - Dec 17 2018Dec 18 2018 onwards

CIR 14.6.1

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(1) For the purposes of Article 58(1) of the Law, the following PersonsG are prescribed as being responsible for a ProspectusG :
(a) the Fund ManagerG ;
(b) where the FundG is a Body CorporateG which does not have a sole Corporate DirectorG acting as its Fund ManagerG , each PersonG who is a DirectorG of that Body CorporateG at the time when the ProspectusG is filed;
(c) where the FundG is an Investment UndertakingG , each PersonG who is authorised to be named, and is named, in the ProspectusG as a DirectorG , General PartnerG or member of the Governing BodyG or as having agreed to become such a PersonG of that FundG either immediately or at a future time;
(d) each PersonG who accepts, and is stated in the ProspectusG as accepting, responsibility for, or for any part of, the ProspectusG ;
(e) each PersonG who is deemed to accept responsibility for any part of a ProspectusG under these RulesG ; and
(f) each PersonG not falling within any of the foregoing paragraphs who has authorised the contents of, or of any part of, the ProspectusG .
(2) A PersonG who has accepted responsibility for, or authorised, only part of the contents of any ProspectusG , is responsible only for that part and only if it is included in, or substantially in, the form and context to which he has agreed.
(3) Nothing in (1) makes a PersonG responsible for any part of a ProspectusG by reason only of giving advice as to its contents in a professional capacity to a PersonG specified in (1)(a) to (f).
Derived from RM72/2010 (Made 11th July 2010). [VER13/07-10]
[Amended] DFSA RM218/2018 (Made 22nd February 2018). [VER23/12-18]