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Jul 11 2010 onwards

Part 4: Establishment and Operation of Domestic Funds

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Chapter 1: Requirements Applicable to All Domestic Funds
26. Permitted Form of a Domestic Fund
27. General Requirements
Chapter 2: Registration Requirement Applicable to Public Funds
28. Registration Requirement
29. Providing Information in Relation to the Application
30. Rejection of an Application
31. Granting Registration
32. Withdrawal of Registration
33. Reinstatement
Chapter 3: Notification Requirement Applicable to Exempt Funds and Qualified Investor Funds
34. Notification Requirement
Chapter 4: Alterations to a Domestic Fund
35. Alterations
36. Grant or rejection of Proposed Alteration
Chapter 5: Suspension of Dealings in an Open-ended Domestic Fund
37. Suspension of Dealings in Units