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Aug 1 2009 - Jan 31 2017Feb 1 2017 onwards

COB 6.11.1 Guidance

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1. Client AssetsG is defined in the GLO Module as "Client Money and Client Investments".
2. Principle 9 of the Principles for Authorised Firms (Customer assets and money) requires an Authorised FirmG to arrange proper protection for Clients' AssetsG when the firm is responsible for them. An essential part of that protection is that an Authorised FirmG must properly safeguard Client MoneyG and Client InvestmentsG held or controlled on behalf of a ClientG in the course of, or in connection with, the carrying on of Investment BusinessG in or from the DIFCG .
3. COB Rule 6.11.3 requires an Authorised FirmG to introduce adequate organisational arrangements to minimise the risk of the loss or diminution of Client AssetsG , or of rights in connection with Client AssetsG , as a result of, for example, the Authorised Firm'sG or a third party's insolvency, fraud, poor administration, inadequate recordkeeping or negligence.
4. For information about the difference between Providing CustodyG and Arranging CustodyG , see Guidance under GEN Rule 2.13.1.
5. The Client Asset provisions apply only to a limited extent to an Authorised FirmG that Arranges CustodyG , as such a firm does not hold or control Client AssetsG (see COB Rule 6.11.2(3)).
[Added] DFSA RM66/2009 (Made 1st August 2009). [VER16/08-09]
[Amended] DSFA RM185/2016 (Made 7th December 2016). [VER28/02-17]