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23 July 2007 — Notice of new forms for existing Authorised Firms
Financial Markets Tribunal

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Jul 23 2007 onwards

23 July 2007 — Notice of new forms for existing Authorised Firms

Existing Authorised Firms are hereby notified that the following new Supervision forms are now available:

SUP 4 Application to change the scope of a License
CIR Form F2 Notification of a Private Fund

These forms, together with all forms in use by the DFSA for existing Authorised Firms and registered ASPs, can now be accessed directly from the DFSA's website in Protected Word format (previously only PDF format was freely available).

It is hoped that this will make it simpler for Firms to obtain the editable forms they require, as well as enable access to the latest versions at all times.

The forms are located in the AFN (Application Forms and Notices) Module of the DFSA's Rulebook.

If you have any questions, please contact your Relationship Manager in Supervision or Shared Services.