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Jul 5 2012 onwards

Part 2: Offer of Securities

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Chapter 1: Application
10. Application of this Part to Collective Investment Funds
Chapter 2: General Prohibitions and Definitions
11. General Prohibition
12. Definition of an Offer of Securities to the Public
13. Exempt Offerors
Chapter 3: Prospectus Requirement
14. Obligation to issue a Prospectus
15. Prospectus content
16. DFSA power to publish information
17. Use of foreign offer documents
18. Obligation to issue a Supplementary Prospectus
19. Financial Promotions
Chapter 4: Misleading and Deceptive Statements or Omissions
20. Prohibition against misleading and deceptive statements or omissions
21. Defence of reasonable inquiries and reasonable belief
22. Defence of reasonable reliance on information given by another person
23. Statements about future matters
24. Civil compensation
25. Stop orders