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37. Auditors' duties

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(1) An auditor shall, in preparing the audit report in relation to the accounts of a Domestic Fund, carry out such investigations as will enable the auditor to form an opinion as to the following matters:
(a) whether proper accounting records have been kept by the Operator and, if appointed the trustee on behalf of the Domestic Fund;
(b) whether the Domestic Fund's accounts are in agreement with the accounting records and regulatory returns;
(c) whether the Domestic Fund's accounts have been prepared in compliance with the applicable accounting standards; and
(d) whether the accounts of the Domestic Fund represent a true and fair view of the financial condition and state of affairs of the Domestic Fund.
(2) If the auditor is of the opinion that proper accounting records have not been kept, or that the accounts are not in agreement with the accounting records and returns, or that the accounts do not comply with accounting standards, the auditor shall state that fact in the audit report.
(3) If the auditor fails to obtain all the information and explanations which, to the best of the auditor's knowledge and belief are necessary for the purposes of the audit, the auditor shall state that fact in the report.
(4) An auditor shall disclose to the Trustee or a person providing oversight of a Public Fund any information relevant to that person's role.