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Sep 26 2005 onwards

TKO 8.4.2

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The definitive version of DFSA handbook text is the PDF version as that is the text of the instrument as made and published by the DFSA.

To view past versions of this module in PDF format, please visit the Archive.

The following documents are prescribed for the purposes of TKO Rule 8.4.1:

(a) Where a profit forecast has been made:
(i) the reports of the auditors or reporting accountants (TKO Rule 9.4.1); and
(ii) the letters giving the consents of the auditors or reporting accountants and appropriate external valuers to the issue of the relevant document, with the report in the form and context in which it is included or, if appropriate, to the continued use of the report in a subsequent document (TKO Rule 9.4.4 and TKO Rule 9.6.1).
(b) Where an asset valuation has been made:
(i) the valuation certificate and associated report or a schedule containing details of the aggregate valuation (TKO Section 10.2); and
(ii) a letter stating that the valuer has given and not withdrawn his consent to the publication of his valuation certificate in the form and context in which it is included in the relevant document.
(c) Any document evidencing an irrevocable commitment to accept a BidG or any arrangement, undertaking or agreement relating to the commitment to accept a BidG or to the circumstances in which the BidderG may or may not invoke or seek to invoke a condition to its BidG .
(d) The memorandum and articles of association of the TargetG , and where there is a Securities Exchange BidG , also of the BidderG .
(e) The annual financial statements of the TargetG , and, where there is a Securities Exchange BidG , also the BidderG for the last three completed financial years in respect of which audited annual financial statements have been issued.
(f) Any other document materially relied upon in the Bid DocumentG or Target CircularG .

Derived from DFSA RM23/2005 (Made 26th September 2005). [VER1/09-05]