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Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA): Contents

Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA)
Rulebook Modules
Sourcebook Modules
Consultation Papers
Policy Statements
DFSA Codes of Practice
Amendments to Legislation
Media Releases
Financial Markets Tribunal

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Ancillary Service Providers (ASP)
Ancillary Service Providers Module (ASP) [VER8/02-11]
Anti Money Laundering (AML)
Anti Money Laundering Module (AML) [VER8/07-12]
Auditor Module (AUD)
Authorisation (AUT)
Authorisation Module (AUT) [VER13/07-10]
Authorised Market Institutions (AMI)
Authorised Market Institutions (AMI) [VER14/07-12]
Collective Investment Rules (CIR)
Collective Investment Rules (CIR) [VER12/03-10]
Conduct of Business (COB)
Conduct of Business Module (COB) [VER23/08-14]
Data Protection Module (DAT)
Data Protection Module (DAT) [VER1/09-04]
Designated Non-Financial Business and Professions Module (DNF) [VER1/06-11]
DNF 1 Introduction
DNF 2 Definition of Non-Financial Businesses and Professions
DNF 3 Regulatory Processes
DNF 4 General Provisions
DNF 5 Anti Money Laundering Rules
DNF 6 Anti Money Laundering Rules for Single Family Offices
DNF App 1 Customer Identification Requirements
DNF App 2 Money Laundering Risks
Enforcement (ENF)
Enforcement Module (ENF) [VER3/07-10]
Fees (FER)
General (GEN)
GEN 8.7 [Deleted and Replaced]
GEN 8.8 [Deleted and Replaced]
Glossary (GLO)
Islamic Finance Rules (IFR)
Islamic Financial Business Module (ISF)
Islamic Financial Business Module (ISF) [VER2/07-08]
Markets Rules (MKT)
Offered Securities (OSR)
Offered Securities Rules (OSR) [VER16/10-11]
Price Stabilisation Module (PRS)
Prudential - Insurance Business (PIN)
Prudential - Investment, Insurance Intermediation and Banking Business (PIB)
Prudential — Investment, Insurance Intermediation and Banking Module (PIB) [VER19/07-12]
Recognition (REC)
Recognition (REC) [VER5/11-08]
Representative Office (REP)
Supervision (SUP)
Supervision Module (SUP) [VER6/01-10]
Takeover Rules (TKO)