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Jul 1 2006 - Jul 10 2010Jul 11 2010 onwards

PRS 5.2.2

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The Stabilisation ManagerG must ensure that the register contains either on a real-time or daily updated basis the following information:

(a) the names and contact details of all Stabilisation AgentsG appointed by him;
(b) details of the appointment of each Stabilisation AgentG , including the date of the appointment;
(c) the general terms and instructions (including details of the price floor and Stabilisation WindowG ) determined by the Stabilisation ManagerG for his Stabilisation AgentsG and the date and time of the communication, variation or revocation of that information and instructions;
(d) details of all correspondence passing between the Stabilisation ManagerG and his Stabilisation AgentG relating to the Price StabilisationG , including all instructions and variations or revocation of appointments;
(e) each and every transaction undertaken by the Stabilisation ManagerG and Stabilisation AgentG in the course of the Price StabilisationG , including not but limited to the following transaction details:
(i) the type of Eligible SecuritiesG ;
(ii) the price;
(iii) the size;
(iv) whether the transactions were undertaken on or off the central order book of the relevant Authorised Market InstitutionG ;
(v) the date and time;
(vi) details of the counterparty (if known); and
(vii) details of the allotment of the Eligible SecuritiesG .

Derived from DFSA RM21/2005 (Made 1st August 2005). [VER1/08-05]
[Amended] DFSA RM70/2010 (Made 11th July 2010). [VER3/07-10]