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Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA): Contents

Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA)
Rulebook Modules
Sourcebook Modules
Consultation Papers
Policy Statements
DFSA Codes of Practice
Amendments to Legislation
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Financial Markets Tribunal

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RM148/2014 Prudential - Investment, Insurance Intermediation and Banking (PIB) Instrument (No. 148) 2014
RM147/2014 Glossary Module (GLO) Instrument (No. 147) 2014
RM146/2014 Market Rules Module (MKT) Instrument (No. 146) 2014
RM145/2014 Fees Rule Module (FER) Instrument (No. 145) 2014
RM144/2014 Conduct of Business Module (COB) Instrument (No. 144) 2014
RM143/2014 Glossary Module (GLO) Rule-making Instrument (No. 143) 2014
RM142/2014 Takeover (TKO) Rule-making Instrument (No. 142) 2014
RM141/2014 Fees Module (FER) Rule-making Instrument (No. 141) 2014
RM140/2014 Recognition (REC) Rule-making Instrument (No. 140) 2014
RM139/2014 Islamic Finance Rules (IFR) Rule-making Instrument (No. 139) 2014
RM138/2014 Price Stabilisation Module (PRS) Rule-making Instrument (No. 138) 2014
RM137/2014 Collective Investment Rules (CIR) Rule-making Instrument (No. 137) 2014
RM136/2014 Prudential - Insurance Business (PIN) Rule-making Instrument (No. 136) 2014
RM135/2014 Prudential - Investment, Insurance Intermediation and Banking (PIB) Rule-making Instrument (No. 135) 2014
RM134/2014 Markets Rules Module (MKT) Rule-making Instrument (No. 134) 2014
RM133/2014 Authorised Market Institutions Module (AMI) Rule-making Instrument (No. 133) 2014
RM132/2014 Anti Money Laundering Module (AML) Rule-making Instrument (No. 132) 2014
RM131/2014 General Module (GEN) Rule-making Instrument (No. 131) 2014
RM130/2014 Auditor (AUD) Rule-making Instrument (No. 130) 2014