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Authorised Market Institutions (AMI) [VER18/02-17]

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Part 1 Introduction
AMI 1 Application, Interpretation and Overview
Part 2 Application and Authorisation
AMI 2 Application for a Licence or Endorsement
AMI 3 Authorisation
Part 3 Licensing Requirements
AMI 4 General
AMI 5 General Licensing Requirements Applicable to all Authorised Market Institutions
AMI 6 Additional Licensing Requirements for Operating an Exchange
AMI 7 Additional Licensing Requirements for Operating a Clearing House
Part 4 Other Requirements
AMI 8 Controllers
AMI 9 Supervision of Authorised Market Institutions
AMI 10 Withdrawal of a Licence
AMI 11 Appeals from Authorised Market Institution Decisions
AMI 12 Transition and Saving
AMI App 1 Testing of Technology Systems
AMI A1.1 Application
AMI A1.2 Testing of Technology Systems
AMI A1.3 Testing Relating to Members' Technology Systems
AMI App 2 Use of Price Information Providers
AMI A2.1 Application
AMI App 3 Contract Delivery Specifications
AMI A3.1 Application
AMI A3.2 Deliverability of the Underlying Commodity