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Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA): Contents

Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA)
Rulebook Modules
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Amendments to Legislation
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RM55/2007 RAC Fees Amendment Rules Instrument (No. 55) 2007
RM54/2007 Electronic Prudential Reporting System Amendment Rules Instrument (No. 54) 2007
RM53/2007 Miscellaneous Amendments (Malaysian Islamic Funds) Rules Instrument (No. 53) 2007
RM52/2007 Fees Rules Instrument (No. 52) 2007
RM51/2007 Electronic Prudential Reporting System Rules Instrument (No. 51) 2007
RM50/2007 Miscellaneous Amendments Rules Instrument (No. 50)
RM49/2007 Generic Advice and Referral Rules Instrument (No. 49) 2007
RM48/2007 Insurance Securitisation Rules Instrument (No. 48) 2007
RM47/2007 Offers of Securities from the DIFC Rules Instrument (No. 47) 2007
RM46/2007 Insurance Prudential Regime Rules Instrument 2007
RM45/2007 Mandatory Disclosure Statement (Islamic Funds) (Malaysia) Rules Instrument 2007
RM44/2007 PRU Decoupling Rules Instrument 2007
RM43/2007 Miscellaneous Amendments (International Standards) Rules Instrument 2007
RM42/2007 Miscellaneous Amendments Rules Instrument 2007
RM41/2007 Licensed Director Amendment Rules Instrument 2007
RM40/2007 Takeover Amendment Rules Instrument 2007
RM39/2007 Recognition Amendment Rules Instrument 2007